Message From the President

Schools are reopening and in-person teaching and learning is back.  I know you have many questions and concerns because you have been calling the office and sending emails.   Many of your concerns and questions are shared by the majority of callers.  They include vaccinations, Asynchronous Wednesdays, social distancing, and the high school schedule to name a few.  All of your questions are good and your concerns are legitimate.   We will be having talks with the administration and addressing the concerns that you are bringing to our attention. 


The CDC has modified some of it’s positions and recommendations in the last two weeks.  Some of the modifications allow for the situations that many of you are concerned about.  Many of you are aware of this.  Some of the positions involve distancing, ventilation and transmission in the school building.  We will be discussing these and answering many of your questions at our monthly Zoom General Membership Meeting. The meeting will be held on February 25th at 4:30pm.  If you have not registered, please do so.  This is where we  meet to ask questions, express concerns, and dialogue about possible solutions.


Let me finish by expressing some thoughts.  We must be proactive in what we do.  Being reactive is responding after the event has occurred.  We have had proactive opportunities to meet and to express our thoughts, ideas, and questions in the past.  Emails have been sent and requests have been made in meetings and in our newsletter.  It is simply not enough for staff members to be spokespersons.  We all have to speak up and stand up if our voices are to be heard.  These are serious and even dangerous times that we all are going through.  Let’s be proactive as we work to keep everyone safe and informed.




In Solidarity

Thomas Calhoun