Norfolk Federation of Teachers (NFT)

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Message From the President

Let me begin by saying that I hope that all of you and all of your families are safe and well.  Please adhere to all of the safety guidelines that have been issued by our medical and scientific experts!!  Make sure the decisions you make are going to keep you and your family safe. 


To many, the last five months may seem more like five years.  This is certainly a once in a lifetime experience for the vast majority of us.  That makes it just as difficult for our educational system.  We have to have the input of everyone involved in education to be successful in overcoming the devastation of this pandemic.  We need input from students and parents, teachers and principals, administration and school board, bus drivers, custodians and cafeteria personnel, counselors and nurses, city and community leaders, and local, state, and national governments.  We are all in this together, which means we all have to work together!!


We are encouraging everyone to be active in the planning phase of all reopening meetings and discussions.  That includes the local, state and national levels.  Check with your principals on what committees are being formed in your schools.  Check your emails for information and links to keep you informed.  AFT has weekly webinars, zooms and tele conferences.  They cover every topic and every personnel group.  We have several members who participated in a tele conference call with the Secretary of Education on May 28th.  The call was to discuss strategies on several different topics.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or concerns about anything concerning your employment. 


Lastly, we would like to congratulate Rodney Jordan on his re-election to the Norfolk School Board.  He is a tireless worker and advocate for the best education possible for ALL of our children.  Equity in education is a struggle we all should be a part of.  It’s all about the children!!



In Solidarity

Thomas Calhoun