Norfolk Federation of Teachers (NFT)

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Message From the President

 MAY/JUNE 2019

Well we are coming to the end of another school year.  As always that means testing, grades, end of the year evaluations and much more.  Like I do every year, I am asking our veteran teachers to provide as much assistance as you can to our new teachers during this period.  As I am sure you know and remember, this time of the year can be overwhelming to a new teacher.  We are here to assist in any way we can for all of you.  This is especially true for end of the year evaluations.  Read them carefully.  Do not assume anything.  Ask questions.  And above all, call us about anything you don’t understand “before” you sign it.


The School Board approved the Superintendent’s Budget on Wednesday night.  The City Council has to approve their budget and how much they will appropriate to the schools.  Sometime in late summer the state will finalize their budget.  At that time we will know how much money we will receive in 2019-2020. 


Let me take this time to thank everyone who volunteered for us this year.  Those of you who knocked on doors, made phone calls, worked a poll, attended a School Board meeting, spoke at School Board meetings, put newsletters in boxes, helped with bulletin boards, and came to training here at the office, thank you!!  We should all take a moment to thank our Building Representatives.  They are the foundation of this and any Union.  Building Reps carry information from the office to the members and from the members to the office.  They deserve a special thanks and all the help we can give them!


This is the last newsletter of the year.  The last meeting is  June 11th, 4:30pm at Norfolk Technical Center.  We will pass the 2019-2020 budget and have incentives and door prizes.  I hope to see many of you on the Spirit of Norfolk on June 6th.  Thank you one and all!!



In Solidarity

Thomas Calhoun