Norfolk Federation of Teachers (NFT)

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Brown v. Board anniversary
AFT's role in this historic decision and desegregation in schools


Your Voice Matters

A Decade of Neglect

The AFT released a new report, “A Decade of Neglect,” describing how chronic underfunding and austerity measures have hurt our public schools. We have broken out funding, in both higher education and K-12, state by state. We want state legislators to see this report and understand how underfunding schools affects our students and educators. 

Make sure your legislators see the AFT's report on the underfunding of public education. Click here to send a letter. 

Families Belong Together

The AFT has taken steps to formally file a complaint with the United Nations. The zero tolerance policy that separates children from their families violates international law, including the U.N. Convention Against Torture and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. 

Families and their children separated at the border deserve justice Click here to add your name.

Tell DeVos: Arm schools with resources, not guns

Arming teachers is not a solution to school shootings. Educators want to teach, not be armed at school. Students and parents want schools to be safe and welcoming places. Click here to sign the petition.

Featured Video: "Hate Bleeds America" Rally and the First Book Program

NFT: Advocacy for peace and powerful literacy!!

Do you know what the union does for education, students, and the community???  Take a few moments out of your day to see what the union is doing on a local and state level.


NFT PSRP Committee

Are you a  NPS classified employee? Are you a NFT member?  Are you interested in being more active?

Thank you, NFT!

We would like to thank everyone that "Sailed in Solidarity" on the Spirit of Norfolk!!!

Fighting for our Future

Take action to demand adequate investment in our public schools.

Half a million kids could lose access to lunch

Educators are united against President Trump’s proposal to undercut the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, which would take away food assistance from millions and deny access to free school lunches to half a million kids (link is external)